What styles of music do you work with?
We specialise in urban, pop, EDM, indie and alternative releases, although we have been known to take on heavy rock, reggae and jazz acts who’ve caught our ears in the past. If you’re unsure whether we’d be a good match for your sound, please feel free to send over some music and we’ll provide honest and upfront feedback.

Who will be promoting my record to blogs, radio, TV, clubs, press etc?
We have a small team of established pluggers and PRs who each manage the individual aspects of your campaign. Our team currently consists of: Craig Harris (managing director), JJ Kane (online, print and TV promotions), Alex Lowe (specialist radio & club promotions), Phil Gibbs (national radio promotions) and Connor Waites (A&R and remixing).

How often will I be updated on campaign progress?
We typically provide progress reports on a fortnightly basis, although this can vary depending on the scale of the campaign. Alongside reports, we always aim to keep our clients up to date with progress at all times, and believe communication is key to running a successful campaign.

Do you work with any record you’re sent?
Unfortunately, the simple answer is no. Our job is to provide bloggers, DJs, producers and broadcasters with great new music, so we operate very strict quality control when working on campaigns. We provide free, upfront feedback from our team outlining what we believe we can achieve with your record, so please feel free to send over your project for a no obligation proposal.

Do you guarantee coverage / airplay?
As with all PR companies we can never guarantee coverage or airplay, as the decision whether to support a record is always made by the media. However what we do guarantee is that your record will be sent directly to the media listed and pitched to the contacts who matter, and that you’ll be kept up to date with exactly who is receiving your record and when. With over 30 years of combined experience in plugging new music, our team provides the best possible chance of gaining coverage for independent acts, and have an unrivalled success rate when it comes to securing coverage for unsigned acts and breaking new music.

Do you have case studies or example reports I can look at?
Of course, please drop us an email to request case studies or reports from our recent campaigns. If you’re aiming to get featured on a certain blog or radio show, chances are we have an example of coverage we’ve secured there before!

I’m an unsigned / independent artist with little experience of PR, would I benefit from your services?
Absolutely! We’re lucky enough to have worked on campaigns for some of the world’s biggest music artists, but what we love more than anything is working with unsigned, up and coming talent. We specialise in breaking new acts and have a superb track record of success with unsigned and independent music artists. If you’re apprehensive or unsure about how PR works and why it’s needed, please feel free to drop us an email and we’ll be happy to explain our services thoroughly and answer any questions you may have.